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You did a fabulous job. This is the reason I recommend your service. Thank you for a job well done and for always being accommodating to last minute changes.

– Susan Sullinger, Coldwell Banker

CleanSweep Services Has Been Keeping San Francisco Clean for Over 20 Years!

Our pressure washing and street & parking lot sweeping services has been wiping up grime and leaving San Francisco multi-residential buildings, business areas, and construction sites clean, tidy, and polished for over 20 years. Contact us today to get a quote.  

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PLEASE NOTE: We cannot answer questions regarding San Francisco’s street sweeping schedule. You will need to check the city of San Francisco’s website for that information. 

We sweep parking garages, apartment complexes and streets covered by HOAs

From convention centers to stores to multi-residential , we wash it all

Available 24/7 to clean up your construction site after your crew goes home

Exterior and hardscape cleaning for commercial businesses

We're Doing Our Part to Keep San Francisco and Surrounding Bay Area Cities Clean

Everybody loves San Francisco. Just ask the few million tourists who come here every year; they’ll happily tell you they love this amazing city. Where else could you enjoy a coffee among America’s most fashion-forward youth in the Mission District in the morning and catch a world-class show by the Civic Center the same evening? San Francisco is our shining city by the sea and is the west coast’s face to the rest of the world. This remarkable city has a unique character and “sparkle” that captures the heart and the imagination. 

But maintaining that sparkle and shine takes work; someone has to keep San Francisco shining and that someone is us.

Our San Francisco street sweepers drive the city day after day to keep the streets looking their best. (Thanks for moving your car every week, by the way. We know that’s a pain.) But street cleaning in San Francisco isn’t all we do; our pressure washing crews are always out cleaning up the grit and grime of daily life. We consider it a privilege to keep San Francisco beautiful, whether it’s making the streets in Hayes Valley clean or tidying up the latest construction site on the Embarcadero. 

But that’s not all. Our pressure washing services aren’t just for city landmarks; we’ll gladly power wash your house, your deck, or your driveway so your small piece of this glorious city will look its best.

San Francisco’s famous neighborhoods are an important part of the unique character of the city, and keeping them clean and shiny is our job. Street sweeping, pressure washing, construction site cleanup, multi-residential and commercial outdoor cleaning is our contribution to keeping this city beautiful and we’ll happily do the same for your property. Help us keep our city—our home—clean. Call us today; you’ll be glad you did.

San Francisco city street, just one of many our street sweepers clean each week

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