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You did a fabulous job. This is the reason I recommend your service. Thank you for a job well done and for always being accommodating to last minute changes.

– Susan Sullinger, Coldwell Banker

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Please note: If you’re looking for Sunnyvale’s street sweeping schedule, we can’t help you. Please find that info on Sunnyvale’s city website

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Street Sweeping

We sweep parking garages, apartment complexes and streets covered by HOAs

Pressure Washing

From convention centers to stores to multi-residential , we wash it all

Available 24/7 to clean up your construction site after your crew goes home

Commercial Cleaning

Exterior and hardscape cleaning for commercial businesses

Taking pride in your property requires you to focus on more than just the inside of your home. The exterior of your house serves as the face of your property and provides a first impression to neighbors, friends, and family. While it may not be at the forefront of your mind, a sparkly clean driveway says a lot about your attention to detail. While you may not have the time to scrub the driveway yourself, there are professionals standing by to lend a helping hand.

CleanSweep Services offers pressure washing, street sweeping and street cleaning, construction site cleanup, and exterior cleaning services for multi-residential and commercial buildings in Sunnyvale that’ll greatly improve the appearance of your property. We’ll take the time to pressure wash your driveway in addition to cleaning up the street outside your home. Our team of experienced street sweepers will go the extra mile to ensure you’re more than satisfied with the services we provide. Whether you’re hoping to clean up your whole street or just need a simple wash for your driveway, we’ll take the time to deliver quality work in a timely manner. Our 24/7 cleaning services ensures we’re able to accommodate your schedule and provide our services whenever it’s most convenient. Give us a call if you’re in need of our superior street cleaning services!

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